Talking Guidewire’s Journey, Women in Tech with

I’m interviewed about my perspective on Guidewire’s journey from ambitious startup to industry-leading, post-IPO success in a new episode of, hosted by Conor Sweetman.

Just to avoid any confusion, is unrelated to InsurTalk, the podcast I host and produce for Guidewire. And I have to tell you, it was a little different being on the other side of the interview. But I really enjoyed it.

In addition to Guidewire’s journey, we discuss a wide array of other topics, too—including my role as Chief Evangelist, and my views on budding opportunities, and persistent challenges, for women in the high-tech industry. Although it’s a glacially slow pace, I’m here to report that progress is being made in Silicon Valley and beyond.

In fact, you might be surprised to hear how every sector’s savviest companies are actively seeking to increase diversity in their ranks. Not (just) because it’s good for society, but also because companies with diverse, gender-inclusive workforces are 21% more likely to achieve above-average profitability relative to category peers, according to studies from McKinsey.

When we get to the segment on the story of Guidewire, I was surprised by just how many milestone memories started cascading through my mind. Hopefully it’ll give you a real perspective on Guidewire’s amazing adventure, and why the OG insurtech continues to be the industry leader today. You can listen to the podcast here under Bonus Episode InsurTalk Host Laura Drabik Featured InsurTech Radio.